Seminars and Events

Free Seminars and Events

Optimum Recoveries holds free credit seminars throughout the year. Hear from expert presenters on a range of topics applicable to every industry.

What are the seminars about?

You’ll learn valuable and practical information that can help your business successfully deal with cash flow issues, debt prevention and collection. We’ll also share important updates on new or changed legislation and how this affects your business.

Who can attend?

Our informative seminars are aimed at business owners, directors, senior management, and financial controllers. You’ll enjoy networking opportunities at the beginning and conclusion of each session.

Previous seminar topics

  • Are you ready? What managers need to know about the new Privacy Act.
  • Cash flow science. Practical information on debt prevention, management and recovery.
  • Cash flow management. How to avoid the roller-coaster effect.
  • Recovering debt. Iron fist or velvet glove?

How to register

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