Debt Prevention

We arm your business with best-practice tools so you’re protected from the risk of debt and legal disputes. Our robust Debt Prevention strategies are completely tailored for your business, your industry and your customers.

Optimum Recoveries’ Debt Prevention service follows these three steps to deliver a tailored solution that gives you confidence.

Step 1: A thorough Health Check

We carefully assess your existing credit management processes to see if they’re effective and watertight, or if they leave the door open for potential disputes. We look at whether they adequately protect your business from difficult-to-recover debt and negative effects on your cash flow.

Step 2: A customised proposal

Our team of experts prepares a written proposal to refine, improve, or in some cases overhaul, your credit management processes. This series of recommendations is aligned to your business objectives and operating environment and is compliant with current laws and regulations.

Step 3: In-house training and development

It’s imperative that your team is educated to use your optimised credit management processes. We can train your team on these best-practice procedures, teaching them essential debt prevention skills to keep your business running smoothly.