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Debt Prevention Services

Debt Prevention Services

Optimum Recoveries provides robust debt prevention services to protect businesses from difficult-to-recover debt and legal disputes. Our experienced team will review and improve your existing credit management procedures while providing vital education to your team on best-practise debt prevention measures. After all, prevention is the best cure.

“We have used Optimum to review our client on boarding process to ensure that our terms & conditions are correct, and have reduced our debtor days substantially.”

The Optimum Recoveries

Debt Prevention Process

Optimum Recoveries’ Debt Prevention service follows these three steps to deliver a tailored solution, giving you confidence in your credit management. Our team of debt prevention experts conduct a thorough review of your existing credit management processes and resources to determine their effectiveness in protecting your business.

After all, your debt prevention documents, policies and procedures act as the foundation on which your business stands upon when it comes to credit management. You want them to be stable, strong, and able to withstand everything that comes their way – and with Optimum Recoveries, our process will ensure that your foundations are rock solid. 

Our process is designed to set your business up with best-practise tools to protect your business from debt and legal disputes. We apply our years of experience protecting businesses from debt to conduct a thorough evaluation of your existing processes, before preparing a tailored proposal that seeks to refine and improve the way your business handles it’s credit management. Then, we provide vital education to your team on how to implement debt prevention procedures within your workplace to protect themselves and the business going forward.

Comprehensive Health Check

Our team carefully reviews your existing debt prevention processes to judge if they’re bullet proof – or at breaking point. This review will determine whether your business is set up to protect itself against hard-to-recover debt, or whether it needs help making its foundations stronger.

Customised Proposal

Once we have evaluated your processes, we prepare a written proposal to improve, refine, and possibly even overhaul your credit management procedures. We structure our recommendations in a manner that aligns with your business’ objectives and operating environment, while complying with current laws and regulations.

In-house Training & Development

The final step of our process is to ensure that your entire team is provided with quality education on best-practice credit management procedures to protect both themselves and the business in all future transactions.

Get expert advice and training to prevent your debts before they happen.

Debt Prevention Services

Preventative Debt

Optimum Recoveries offers quality debt prevention services that strengthen your business’ defences against difficult-to-recover debt, legal disputes, and court actions. With our team of experienced debt prevention experts, we provide the following debt prevention services: 

  • A complimentary review of your credit terms and conditions 
  • A thorough assessment of your existing procedures 
  • Helping your business with early monitoring by using tools like CreditorWatch 
  • Writing up a custom proposal with recommendations to improve your credit management procedures 
  • Educating your staff members on best-practise debt prevention measures to take 
  • Helping to set up and monitor PPSR Registration
  • And more! 

Our debt prevention services will ensure that your business is better protected against debt into the future.

A business’ credit terms and conditions is one of the most important lines of defence when you sign off on a new contract with a customer or client. If your T&Cs don’t accurately reflect your business, or fail to include essential clauses relating to credit management, then you are setting up your business for a lot of headaches down the line. 

At the start of every debt prevention process with our clients, Optimum Recoveries conducts a complimentary review of your T&Cs to evaluate how watertight they are in keeping out any future debt or legal disputes. Once we identify the potential “weak points” in your T&Cs, we begin working to mitigate them, re-writing your clauses to be as efficient as possible.

Terms and Conditions reviews are a key step in debt prevention as, with the right terms and conditions clause, you can ensure any cost incurred through future debt recovery services is paid by the debtor.

Our team of experts work with your business to write a new set of terms and conditions that are relevant to your industry, include all the correct essential information, and include the following clauses to ensure greater defence against bad debt: 

  • Payment times
  • Default triggers 
  • Jurisdiction 
  • Cost recovery 
  • Force majeure (unforeseen circumstances)
  • Privacy 
  • Security 
  • Dispute Resolution 
  • Limited Liabilities 

Optimum Recoveries has experience writing detailed and effective T&Cs for businesses large and small in the construction, hospitality, and medical industries. We offer our services to any business in any industry who feels they could benefit from our team looking over their terms and conditions.

Optimum Recoveries can help your team members register their security interest in personal property on the PPSR (Personal Property Security Register). The PPSR is Australia’s official governing register for security interests in personal property.

The PPSR acts as a public noticeboard for any debt or obligations that are secured by personal property. By registering for the PPSR, you are further securing your own private security in property such as cars, company assets and goods.

Early monitoring is an essential step in choosing the right customers to go into business with. After all, if a business or person has a track record of entering into foul entities, incurring debt, or failing to pay on time, then are they really the people you want to be signing off on one of your contracts? 

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to know who to trust, and who to leave alone. That’s why Optimum Recoveries can help you establish early monitoring procedures to cross reference any potential clients, customers, or business partners who are showing an interest in your services.

Using advanced and industry-leading tools like CreditorWatch, our team can conduct the necessary background research to safeguard your business from any questionable characters.

One of the best steps toward debt prevention is through selecting entities who are unlikely to owe you debt. Optimum Recoveries can help you set up procedures and documentation to make that selection process easier for your team, so you’ll have the peace of mind that you’ll only be extending credit to the people who will pay it back.

Let's Talk Debt Prevention

If your business is ready to take charge of your debt prevention strategies, contact us for a free terms and conditions assessment. We guide you through every step of the debt prevention process, giving you the confidence to take rein of your debt prevention strategies well into the future.

Set your business up for success.

Debt Prevention FAQs

What does terms and conditions mean?

Terms and conditions are a legal agreement between a service provider and a person or business who is seeking to use those services. They form the spine of any contract between two parties with written clauses that detail the exact terms of the transaction, and the conditions of how that transaction will take place.

Why are terms and conditions important?

Without terms and conditions, there is no legally binding agreement between the parties to cover the transaction. Without T&Cs, you open yourself up to a lot of headaches.

How binding are terms and conditions? (Is accepting terms and conditions legally binding?)

Yes. Written terms and conditions that have been brought to the attention of and signed off by both parties are seen as legally binding within Australian courts.

Should I just use a terms and conditions generator?

Absolutely not. Using a terms and conditions generator, or copying T&Cs from another online source, will almost certainly provide poor cover against any legal disputes – ultimately doing a massive disservice to both your business and your customers.

Can terms and conditions be changed?

Terms and conditions can be changed, as long as they are written into the existing contract, are fair, and are agreed upon by all parties.

What payment terms should I put on my invoice?

Your payment terms on your invoice should include how long the payer has to pay, how much they have to pay, and where they should pay it to.


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