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Too many businesses fall victim to the trappings of bad debt – trappings that could have easily been avoided had they had the proper structures in place. This why Optimum Recoveries is proud to release our new free whitepaper ‘Reduce the Risk of Bad Debt’ to help businesses make the right choices moving forward.


This whitepaper will give you a general outline of what your business can be doing to better protect themselves against debt. The house is only as strong as its foundations, so why would you risk building something so important on something so unstable? Without the proper documentation and strategies in place, your business is liable to be rocked by any non-payments in the future. So, strengthen those foundations and fear bad debt no more.

Free Whitpaper

This Whitepaper explores important topics such as:

– Why you should be avoiding bad debt at all costs

– Best practice for drafting a credit application

– What to include in your terms and conditions to avoid bad debt

– How to write a credit policy and procedure

– Everything you need to know about credit terms, trade history, and other relevant topics


This whitepaper will inform you on invaluable best-practise strategies and procedures to use to avoid bad debt.

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