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Debt Recovery Services

Debt Recovery Services

When it comes to debt recovery, you want experts on your side who are guaranteed to get your money back. At Optimum Recoveries, we help Australian businesses recoup overdue payments from Debtors by using our proven strategies, innovative thinking, and years of experience achieving the desired results.

“I will continue to use Optimum Recoveries for our debt collection needs, and won’t hesitate to recommend the company to anybody who asks.”

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The Optimum Difference

Debt Recovery Experts

In our line of work, we understand how painful it can be for businesses who are attempting to collect debt. For many, the collection process is fraught and tedious, with emotion often taking over. Asking for overdue payment from a client, customer, or business partner is always going to be a delicate exchange with financial and personal stakes on the line.

That’s why outsourcing your debt recovery to a trusted and experienced agency will not only increase your chances of getting your money back, but reduce the stress on your shoulders as well.

At Optimum Recoveries, we approach debt recovery with an innovative mind-set and the determination to succeed. We have finely-tuned processes in place to maximise our results, with a team of highly-skilled negotiators, professional communicators, and experts on all the legal requirements that must be adhered to when collecting debt.

Most of all, we respect our clients’ reputation and strive to work alongside them during every stage of the debt recovery cycle.

Best of all, you only pay the commission of our services once your money has been returned to you in full!

Are you ready to take charge of your business’ cash flow?

Debt Recovery Services

At Optimum Recoveries, we specialise in providing highly effective debt recovery services to businesses right across Australia. No matter how much is overdue and by whom, our team helps business owners recover what they are owed, allowing their business as a whole to move forward once again.

When it comes to calling Debtors, you want to make sure that you’re well prepared and ready for the difficult conversation. The agents at Optimum Recoveries are well equipped to make these calls on your business’ behalf as we have the processes and strategies in place to conduct a professional, polite, but effective conversation about debt recovery.

We will have all the relevant information prepared prior to the call, we will begin the conversation with end goal of receiving full payment in mind, and we will work with the Debtor to find the best solution in getting your money back.

One of the initial steps that businesses should take in the debt recovery cycle is to send off an Agency Collection Letter or a Solicitor’s Letter of Demand to the Debtor. This letter clearly outlines the outstanding payment, including any debt recovery or legal costs, and the time frame for when that money is expected to be paid in full.

The agents at Optimum Recoveries have years of experience in writing firm, concise, and effective letters of demand for a variety of different businesses, services and products. Get the experts to reach out to your Debtors to maximise your chances of seeing overdue payments returned.

Debt recovery can be a highly emotional process that can prove straining for either or both of the Creditor and Debtor. While there are significant financial stakes involved, it’s also important to respect the situation of the other party and work together to find the best solution.

The team at Optimum Recoveries have been trained in dispute resolution and mediation to ensure that strong communication is always maintained, circumstances are always being accounted for, and a solution is always being worked towards.

If debt cannot be collected or resolved, our panel of solicitors are there to help you coordinate the end to end legal process. Our team is there to guide and support you every step of the way, working with our panel of solicitors to ensure a smooth, uncomplicated process. We help you understand and navigate legal proceedings to keep you informed and up to date.

Optimum Recoveries helps businesses through a number of financial litigation processes including:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Insolvency
  • Creditors Petitions
  • Warrants
  • Writs
  • Judgements
  • Claims

The Optimum Recoveries Difference

Optimum Recoveries is an Australian-based debt agency that aims to help businesses through the entire debt management process. While we have finely-tuned processes in place to help businesses recover their overdue debt, this process doesn’t start with collection. It starts with strengthening your business’ debt protection procedures.

Our experienced team will help you optimise your T&Cs to better prevent debt, while also providing your team with the relevant education to avoid customers and clients who don’t pay.

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Optimum Recoveries provides industry leading debt prevention, management, and recovery services to businesses throughout Australia. No matter the size of your business or debt owing, our experienced agents will be able to set up best-practice debt management policies and procedures to better safeguard you and your business in the future.

Debt Recovery from Optimum Recoveries

If your business is looking to recover debt in a cost-effective, timely, legal, and professional manner, then get in touch with the collection experts at Optimum Recoveries today. Contact us or give our friendly team a call on 1300 556 937 and begin your journey towards being debt-free.

Take the next step in getting back the money you’re owed.

Debt Recovery FAQs

Are your debt recovery services just for large companies?

No. Optimum Recoveries offers its services to companies of all sizes. Many smaller businesses use a collection agency to help them recover their outstanding debt.

Do I risk losing my best customers or hurting my brand?

Optimum Recoveries is proud to be setting the industry standard in approaching debt recovery in an ethical and respectful manner. In no way are we in the business of making threats or using aggressive tactics when dealing with your Debtors. Our approach is firm and positive. If one of your customers continue to express discontentment after we have finished our process, then maybe you need to question if they were really the best customer to have in the first place.

Shouldn’t debt only be recovered when its older?

The opposite is true is here. Our experience shows the longer you wait to refer a past due account, the less likely you are to have those funds returned.

Would I get quicker results if I refer straight to a lawyer?

Optimum Recoveries’ track record in recouping debt for our clients speaks for itself. We are experienced in recovering your debt without having to undergo costly and time-consuming legal proceedings. Should you need to take legal action, our team of legal representatives are here to help.

Are there laws regulating debt recovery?

Yes, there is legislation at both the federal and state level that outline the legal proceedings of debt recovery. While these legislations can be complex and are ever-evolving, our experienced team knows all there is to know about the legal requirements of the job.


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