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Time to change bad habits?

We’ve just passed 100 days since January 1 and they say it takes 100 days to change a habit and put positive steps in place to achieve a goal.

So how are you tracking? Did you make good on those New Year’s resolutions? We hope you’ve put changes and actions in place so that 2018 shapes up to be your most positive year in business yet. But if not, you might find the first article in this issue of the Optimum Recoveries Newsletter very helpful.

Has your business ever received a bad online review? Recently, several of our clients experienced negative and inaccurate social media feedback that has threatened to affect their businesses. Most businesses embrace social media as a way of spreading the word and attracting new customers, but what do we do if this backfires? We have tackled this topic with the help of our legal partners, Streten Masons Lawyers, and social media expert, Mel Kettle.

You can read about it in this issue, and we also cover the new changes to data breaches that could impact your business.

We look forward to helping you make even more positive changes over the next 101 days.

Angela Mcdonald – Managing Director

2018 after 100 days

In our latest Optimum Newsletter

  • It seems late payments are here to stay – or are they?
  • How to deal with negative comments online.
  • What do the new data breach laws mean for you?
  • And a little on networking, collaborating and just being awesome.

Enjoy the read!

And please let us know what you think or if you have any questions we can help with.