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unpaid invoices

‘Cash flow speed humps and unpaid invoice detours – How to recover what you’ve worked hard to earn! – webinar delivered for CCIQ in partnership with Streten Masons Lawyers.

Cash flow speed humps and unpaid invoice detours. We’ve been talking to businesses at the receiving end of this worrying statistic. And what we’ve heard loud and clear is “we’ve had enough!”

That’s why, together with our trusted legal partners Streten Masons Lawyers, we’ve partnered with Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) to deliver the ‘Get Paid by June 30 Challenge’.

Now is the time to take action and recover what’s rightfully owed to you. Get your books squared away before the end of the financial year – which is now less than a month away.

We’re ready to help. Specialised skills aside, we’ve got access to advanced tools to help locate and communicate with debtors, using new telephone technologies and third-party sources that grant access to debtor information.