The Client hereby authorises the Agent to provide the following services:

– To act on its behalf and take the necessary collection action in the pursuit of its debtor accounts by letter, telephone call and where necessary, field call, skip tracing or legal action. The Agent will not proceed with field calls, outsourced skip tracing or legal action without prior authorisation from the Client, either written or oral.

– The client acknowledges that the Agent’s terms of trade are strictly payment within 14 days of the invoice date.

– The client agrees to pay GST on all invoiced fees and charges, where GST is applicable.

– The agent is entitled to invoice the Client for commission plus GST on any debtor payment that may be received by the Client or the Agent once an account is received from the Client and actioned by the Agent.

– The fees, charges and commission payable for services

Cash Flow Collection Services:

– 1st Party collections where calls are made in your company name – $75.00 per hour (or part thereof) + GST.

Debt Recovery:

– The fees, charges and commission payable for services

Our commission is charged at the rate of 18% + GST on any one payment.
Credits and contra considerations are treated as payments for the purpose of commission calculations. Commission is charged on collections as and when monies are received either directly to the Agent,
Your office or representative and is payable within fourteen (14) days from date of invoice.

– Legal costs – our Solicitors charge the prescribed scale costs where such applies, otherwise they charge at the rate of $250.00 + GST per hour in 6 minute units.

– Legal Services:

– Our Solicitors charge the prescribed scale costs where such applies, otherwise they charge at the rate of $250.00 + GST per hour in 6 minute units. Legal fees and other Government fees and charges are charged at cost.

– The expenses, including travelling expenses, the agent or it’s process serving agent is authorised to incur in connection with the performance of each service or category of service are detailed in the attached scale of costs.

– The Agent will issue a tax invoice for the applicable commission plus GST to the Client at the end of each calendar month in which payment was received, together with a Debtor Payment Report and any trust account disbursements.

– The Client authorises the Agent to deduct its commission plus GST and any overdue invoices not yet paid by the Client from any monies collected on the Client’s behalf and held in the Agent’s trust account. The Agent may decide to pay all monies collected direct to the client without first banking them, but, if it does so, may at its discretion revert to trust banking all or any such receipts without prior notice.

– The Agent is entitled to a lien over any documents, papers or files until all accounts have been paid in full and, where a 14 day account is outside the agreed terms has the right to list a default with reporting agencies such as CreditorWatch, Veda Advantage or Dun & Bradstreet.

– This appointment is made pursuant to the provisions of the Debt Collectors (Field Agents and Collections Agents) Act 2014 QLD and is a continuing appointment as provided for in the Act.

– The appointment ends 17 February 2021 but may be revoked prior to that date upon one party giving at least 30 days written notice to the other.

– The Creditor acknowledges and understands the terms of this agreement and has been given the opportunity to obtain independent professional advice before signing this Agreement.