Feedback, Enquiries or Complaints

If you have feedback or an enquiry please contact us:

If after you have contacted Optimum Recoveries about your enquiry or feedback and that has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you can lodge a formal complaint.

Optimum Recoveries has a complaints handling and monitoring process that is designed to comply with the Australian Standard on Complaints Handling and ensure that your complaint is handled in an efficient, fair and appropriate manner.

The complaints handling process is accessible to members of the public on the website. Information on making and resolving a complaint is available, easy to understand and use, and in plain language. When required, Optimum Recoveries staff will provide the necessary support in the formulation and lodgement of complaints by consumers.

Responsiveness & Accountability:

The complaints handling process is free. All complaints will be dealt with promptly and complainants will be treated courteously.
Optimum Recoveries will advise estimated response and resolution times for a complaint. Response times for complaints resolution will be monitored as part of Optimum Recoveries management reporting.

Data Collection & Analysis:

All complaints and outcomes will be recorded. Optimum Recoveries maintains a complaints register and complaints will be classified and analysed for identification of systematic and recurring problems. This data allows reviews of our systems and training for staff when appropriate.

Training & Education:

Optimum Recoveries staff training and education programs are regularly reviewed and upgraded to benefit from the findings and outcomes achieved in the complaints handling process with the aim of limiting the number of complaints.

Complaints Handling Procedure:

Do you have a complaint?

To be able to resolve your complaint we will need:

How to lodge a complaint

To lodge a complaint or provide feedback, please send it to Optimum Recoveries;

Alternatively, you can either mail your details to:

Your rights and responsibilities:

Optimum Recoveries obligations and rights

Optimum Recovereis will take all necessary steps to investigate the complaint. Sometimes this may involve us liaising with a third party, for example, a credit provider. Optimum Recoveries will provide a written response to your complaint, with advice of resolution, within 30 days of receipt of your complaint.

When a dependency on third party information is required, Optimum Recoveries may request an extension of time to respond the complaint. We will make such a request in writing, before the expiry of 30 days.