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This questionnaire is designed to get you thinking about the Credit Management Processes you have in place within your business, and to create a clear understanding of your current situation so we can help to protect your business.

We also stress the importance of building and maintaining good relationships with your customers – good Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) ensure both parties have clear expectations of your service provision and your relationship.

Unhappy clients don’t pay bills…


Please answer the questions below to give us an understanding of your current business processes.

Feel free to make any comments you feel are relevant to explain the current systems you have in place and how they are (or aren’t) working for your business, your team or your clients.

Debt Prevention

When you on-board a new client, do you have a signed contract in place before service commences?(Required)
Do you have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, where your client's details, emails, letters, conversations etc are stored, so anyone can check, add or amend details?(Required)
Do you have a Service Level Agreement as part of your contract?(Required)
Does your company have a clear Customer Service Policy for clients to discuss any issues with their service?(Required)

Debt Management

Are there clear guidelines regarding when payment for services is due?(Required)
Is there a clear, documented process in place to follow up if payment is not made by the due date?(Required)
Is this strictly adhered to / automated?(Required)

Debt Recovery

Do you have a team member who follows up unpaid invoices? Is this written, by telephone, or both?(Required)
Could you tell us what percentage of your clients pay you on time?(Required)
Do you know how much money is outstanding to your business?(Required)
Do you feel in control of any outstanding debts to your business?(Required)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.